Crafts for Adults

These are just a few crafts that I have found online. As I find crafts to do I will be sharing them. I will add them as soon as I can. If there is any specific crafts you would like to know how to make just leave me a message and I will find out how to do it and post it

Easy Painted Rocks


Rocks-smooth and flat

Acrylic outdoor paint

Mod Podge outdoor

Paint Pens

Stencils (optional)



Water basin

Stylus (optional)


1. Pick smooth, flat rocks

2. Wash the rocks before painting them

3. Seal the rocks before painting on it. Use spray sealer

4. Paint the design on top and use several coats,let dry between layers

5. Use small brushes or stylus to make small details

6. Use oil based paint pens and sharpies to write on the rocks

7. Finish off with a coat or two of Mod Podge outdoor

Wine Cork Board


Wine corks

Frame or large paper mache box

Glue fun and glue sticks

Black craft paint

Small spray shelter

Spray paint

1/4″ Manila rope

Sharp knife or utility knife

Command hook for hanging


1. Paint the lid inside and out

– to minimize the appearance of gaps between the corks paint with inside of the lid with black craft paint

– The outside will be a different color but do the edge black

– Elevate the lid on a cardboard box

– Give the lid a few light coats of spray paint

– Let the lid dry completely

2. Glue in the corks

– Hot glue all the wine corks onto the outside edge

– Continue by working from one side to the other

3. Add a rope handle

– Hold one end of the rope at the bottom and then loop it up and around leaving space at the top for a handle

– Cut the rope with a utility knife

– Attach the two ends with hot glue to the bottom of the wine Cork Board in the center

– Glue each side of the rope 1/4 of the way of the outer rim of the lid

– When you’ve glued both sides 1/4 way, pull the rope handle as if it’s hanging to determine where to stop gluing

– It’s ready to hang

Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Single Crochet Mesh Dishcloth

5.5mm hook


This is the ch 30

R1. Sc in the second ch from hook, (ch1, skip next ch, sc in next ch), Repeat to the end.(15 sc, 14 ch sp)

This is row 1

R2-26. Ch1, turn, sc in first stitch,(ch1, skip ch space, sc in next stitch), Repeat to the end.(15sc, 14 ch sp)

Is what the dishcloth should be looking like as you have made a few rows
Dishcloth halfway done

After the last row do not cut yarn, sc evenly all the way around the edge, finish off, weave in ends.

Finished Dishcloth
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